The Luxury of Leavers Lace

The Luxury of Leavers Lace

One of our favourite parts of designing new collections is seeking out the fabrics and trims. There’s an overwhelming array of silks, ruffles, ribbons and lace and so for us, it’s very important that we choose the right materials. Part of our design principle is to make our lingerie from high quality, exceptional fabrics that give the look and feel of ultimate luxury.

When choosing the lace for the Elixir lingerie set, we knew we’d found the perfect material with Leavers Lace.

The Elixir set featuring leavers lace

The Elixir set featuring black Leavers lace

Leavers lace is a particular quality of patterned lace traditionally woven in the North of France. It is a very fine lace with a unique transparency and intricate patterns.

In 1813 John Lever, from Nottingham, invented a machine to make lace net after watching the way a woman’s fingers worked while making lace by hand. When one of Lever’s machines arrived in France, a recently invented ‘Jacquard’ attachment was added to it. The Jacquard dobby meant that intricate patterns could then be woven into the lace, creating Leavers Lace. The Leavers lace industry still exists in Caudry, North of France, where ‘the ladies of Caudry’ weave their exceptional quality of lace on the large, cast iron looms - much the same it’s been done for nearly two hundred years!

 The intriguing history and tradition of the lace is only an added bonus to the intricate and beautiful patterns that show the skill and technique of its manufacture. The tantalising transparency is perfect for the seductive nature of the Elixir set, while the elaborate pattern gives a softer edge of intrigue.

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A Leavers lace factory, mid 20th century [Source to link to:]